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The idea of Lost Pet Map came one day while talking a walk in my neighbourhood.  Which I noticed a sign posted on a lamp post for a lost pet that looked like the picture on the right:

It occurred to me that this could not be the most efficient method for the following reasons :

1) The advertisements was a black and white photo.  Most likely to reduce the cost of printing.  The black and white picture made it hard to see what the Pet actually looked like.

2) The sign would only be temporary since it would eventually be ruined by Weather conditions.  If the sign was printed on an Inkjet printer, the ink may in fact run and smear.  At the very least the sign may be torn down from those who simply want to a have a copy of the picture

3) If the pet was spotted it would be difficult to describe the location of where the Pet was seen.  As verbal descriptions such as "At the park by the bench" is often not the best way to describe the location.

As a Pet Owner, I felt for the people who lost there Pet and wanted to help in some way.  However even if I saw the pet, I may not have wanted to make a phone call.  Since I may not be sure based on the black and white photo it was indeed their cat.  And not raise false hopes or lead them on a wild goose chase.

Lost Pet Map was created as a result.  Which acts as a way to act as a "lead generation" system for those whom have lost there pet.  Which allows you to post a profile of your lost pet.  And allowing potential helpers to post a trail of where there pet was last seen in the neighbourhood.  Allowing the owner to see a pattern for their Lost Pet whereabouts.

Lost Pet Map wasn't meant to replace other good methods of retrieving Lost pets.  Such as tagging your Pet with a tracking chip.  However, there are over 5 millions Pets lost each year in the United States alone.  With only approximately 15% of those Lost Pets return home.  A great majority of those remaining 85% Pets who don't return to their owner are euthanized (Put to sleep) if they are not adopted by a new owner.  Clearly it still remains a big problem which has room for improvement.

The best part of Lost Pet Map it is a FREE service.  And it is still considered a Beta Project.  Which improvements will be later implemented such as automatically posting to your Social Media Accounts, Connecting to other owners in your area which have Lost Pets as well as Mobile Support.  Your support and feedback will administer future improvements.

I hope this service helps you find your Lost Pet if you are an owner in this unfortunate circumstance.  If you have not Lost a Pet, spreading the word is always of help to the community.  You can also feel free to join our Facebook and Twitter page for support of this project.  And donations made through always Paypal are appreciated to support future improvements.


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